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It is hard to believe how vastly the options for viewing pornography have changed the past decade. This includes several different elements of it such as the way people look at it, from where and how. Plus, how much free porn can be found on the web. On top of all the unfettered adult content, you have the alternatives for viewing it. Today, there are more options and ways of looking at adult content than ever before. Most of that has to do with the prevalence of mobile devices. Additionally, people are more liberal in their views and thinking than they were decades ago.

Once you add social media, video streaming and the popularity of videos themselves to the mix, it creates a perfect combination. In truth, almost everyone these days has a cell phone or mobile device in their hands at any given moment. While they use these gadgets to socialize, play, call and do other things, they also use them to record. The videos don’t have to be about anything in particular in most cases. But, being able to record at a whim, has turned into a craze it seems. It makes for all kinds of crazy unprofessional videos being found online.

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Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are inundated with these homemade videos. The same for the most popular video site in the world which is YouTube. Anything that happens to others, is caught on camera instantly. More significantly though, those videos are uploaded to the web and shared with everyone. That may explain why recording yourself or someone else doing something happens so easily and frequently. And why there are so many wild, amateuristic style recordings online.

All of these things have contributed to people using videos to tell their story. Yet in the same way individuals use visuals to record typical and non lewd material, there’s the other side of the coin. In many cases, the things filmed are salacious, erotic or having to do with sex. These amateur porn movies, find themselves online. The salacious free porn movies, receive millions of views. It’s part of why people filming themselves or others doing something sexually explicit, is at all times high.

Today, the majority of porn sites have limitless free amateurish porn videos, sexually graphic pictures and other kind of smut. As it stands now, amateuristic pornography is not only mushrooming, it is extremely popular. In fact, the genre is one of the top & most viewed categories in porno. Overall, there are several factors for this happening. The same for the reasons why there’s such a rise in unprofessional sexually explicit videos on the web.

In the same way non-sexual videos have platforms for being shared and viewed, so does adult content. Exhibitionist and self-publicists, were always looking for a place to showcase themselves and their sexual talents. While there were always sites or places to do so, nothing like what’s happening today. In most adult and social media sites, these homemade porno movies, receive millions of views. Most of them do so in a few days after being posted. For anyone who is looking for attention, they have the place to get it. And they have the method for doing so. All it takes is recording themselves or others, doing something sexually explicit.

The monetary factor also needs to be considered. A lot of these individuals make money from posting or selling their amateur porn films. A few go on to gain internet notoriety and fame. Hundreds of beautiful girls who had their personal amateur porn videos shared online, went on to become internet sensations. Their material received endless comments, shares and views. In turn, these amateur vixens took their popularity to another level. Some went on to create their own adult sites or even become pornstars.

In a way, some celebrities have had an impact on the rise in amateur porn. Celebs such as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian come to mind. These three women became more popular than ever once their private amateur sex tapes were leaked online. That led to hundreds of other famous people posting their celebrity sex tapes on the web as well. Although most did not achieve the level of attention, notoriety and fame as the other three mentioned, a pattern emerged. The formula being people using amateur porno movies, to become famous or get attention.

For some people, none of those things matter when it comes to them posting their private porno films on the web. They do so because they want others to see them having sex. Some do it out of spite which is called revenge porn. Then, you have those who simply do it for attention. No matter the reason, the results are endless free amateur porn videos for all to enjoy.

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